Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a
2020 Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a (Paddle Festival) Tentative Dates -July 3/4 2020 -Friday/Sat format (Raindates to be announced) - SUP, FOIL, OC1, OC2, PRONE, SKI and invitee


  • Register for Day 1 of the Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a - REGISTER NOW 27 miles of Open Mean racing with the Maui Jim Maui to Molokai Challenge

  • Register for Day 2 of the Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a - REGISTER NOW 1-10 miles of competitive, fun and family friendly racing here on Molokai alongside the longest fringing reef in the United States.

Molokai Holokai Beach and Mangrove Cleanup - Sat 29th June 2019 9am-noon

Beach and Mangrove Cleanup Schedule

GOAL: To clean up as much of the beach, mangrove area, mangrove seeds as possible. Help get rid of invasive species such as Gorilla OGO…


Kaunakakai Harbor Beach
Wharf area
Canoe Beach area

Event Schedule
  • June 29 9:00 AM HST - Check in, Pule and Briefing at Kaunakakai Harbor
  • June 29 9:30 AM HST - Cleanup up begins- Mangrove area for those on kayaks or paddle boards.
  • June 29 11:30 AM HST - Racers arriving from Maui, come and cheer them on
  • June 29 12:OO PM HST - Enjoy the Music at the pier and come and support the racers arriving in from Maui
  • June 29 03:OO PM HST - PAU and event moves to Paddlers Inn

Maui Jim Maui 2 Molokai Challenge Event Day Schedule Sat 29th June 2019 7am-2pm

Two qualifying spots for M2O for top finishers that are not sponsored riders for either 2019 or 2020.

Event Schedule - SUBJECT TO CHANGE
  • June 28 4:00 PM HST - Pre Race Briefing -DING KING 875 HALIIMAILE ROAD
  • June 27 2:00 PM HST - Registration CUT OFF
  • June 29 7:00 AM HST - Race Check in, Pule and Briefing DT Flemings, Maui
  • June 29 7:15 AM HST - Hauling Bags to escort boats
  • June 29 8:00 AM HST - Race Briefing
  • June 29 8:15 AM HST - Race Pule
  • June 29 9:00 AM HST - M2Molokai Race Start 1 DT Flemings, Maui
  • June 29 9:10 AM HST - M2Molokai Race Start 2 DT Flemings, Maui
  • June 29 9:30 AM HST - M2Molokai Race Start 3 DT Flemings, Maui
  • June 29 12:15 PM HST - M2Molokai Challenge first finishers
  • June 29 2:45 PM HST - Shuttles starting to Accommodations
  • June 29 3:55 PM HST - Shuttle to Prize Giving
  • June 29 4:00 PM HST - Dinner and prize giving at Paddlers Inn
  • June 30 4:50 PM HST - Shuttles to harbor for those leaving
  • June 29 5:00 PM HST - Great Entertainment!
  • Shuttles will start back to accommodations around 6pm and on demand based on the vicinity of accommodations

While the racers are coming across the channel, we will be doing an ocean and beach cleanup at Kaunakakai harbor. Cleanup starts at 9am and all who sign up online will receive a t-shirt or hat, or both, so sign up early! I If we want to play on the ocean or gather food from her waters, then we certainly need to give back!


Molokai Holokai Kamalo Run Event Day Schedule Sunday 30th June 2019 11am-5pm

We have courses ranging from 3/4 mile to 10 miles, suitable from 1yrs- 99 yrs, beginner to the elite paddler.
Make it a Molokai Holokai weekend!
  • June 30 11:00 AM HST - Race Check in and late registration
  • June 30 12:00 PM HST - Pule and Briefing
  • June 30 12:30 PM HST - Race Start for SUP 10 miles
  • June 30 1:00 PM HST - Race Start for OC 1 10 miles
  • June 30 1:15 PM HST - Race Start for Beginners 5 miles
  • June 30 1:30 PM HST - All keiki to check at Molokai community Health Center
  • June 30 2:45 PM HST - Keiki and Makua Race 3/4 mile
  • June 30 3:15 PM HST - Keiki Prize giving
  • June 30 3:45 PM HST - Prize giving

Contact Information

Extra activities after the race weekend with the Molokai Holokai week

  • We have some great activities to offer for the weeks of the weeks leading up to the M2O.
  • We are trying to encourage people to take some time on Molokai and learn about the island, the people, and the lifestyle.
  • If you are a racer then let us send you to some of our most respected people/organizations on island.
  • If you are planning on staying then let us know and lets see what we can organize for you that is not a typical tourist activity.
  • These activities are only available during the Molokai Holokai week.

Sign up for the boat rides back to Maui

  • We have boats departing on Sunday and Monday and you can add this in with your registration.
  • If you need to leave on Saturday maybe we can find a ride but need a min count.
  • Cost will be $100 for board and person or $50 o/w without a board.
  • We will also have sign up sheets for people wanting board storage options.
  • We have containers at Makoa Trucking.

Departure from Molokai

  • If many need to leave Sunday night we have shuttles to the airport
  • We also have shuttles to airport for the rest of the week
  • We need a minimum of 8 persons for a plane charter if this is something that interests you
  • Makani Kai, Mokulele and Ohana (Hawaiian) all have flights
  • There is no ferry to Molokai

Escort Boats and Board Transportation

  • There are many boats available from Molokai, Maui and Oahu
  • We will have a local contact number coming soon for the Molokai escorts boats
  • Keith Baxter 1-808-264-5297 - Keith can carry 11 OC1 or 12 Stand up paddle boards
  • Sid Medeiros on Maui has a list of Maui boat captains 1 (808) 281-2016
  • LJ has a list of boats for Oahu, Maui and Molokai Hawaii Escort Boats 1 (808) 306-4121
  • Board transportation is available from Oahu with a min of 7, Oahu-Maui-Oahu Call LJ 1 (808) 306-4121
  • Board transportation is available with Sid Medeiros back to Maui 1 (808) 281-2016
  • Email Clare at or 1-808-336-0946 for local boat captains

Board Rentals

  • SIC Maui Custom have boards to rent. For more info see their rental fleet
  • Check out Hi-Tech Maui - 1-808-877-2111
  • Check out Second Wind - 1-808-877-7467
  • Limited board rentals on Molokai you can email
  • If SIC are all out then check out the Maui SUP shops
  • For any other craft please email us and we will see if we can send you in the right direction


  • Hotel Molokai 1-808-553-5347 has special Molokai Holokai Discounts
  • Let them know you are racing in part of the Molokai Holokai weekend
  • Molokai Vacation Properties also has discounts for those racing in the Molokai Holokai Weekend 1-808-553-8334
  • We also have camping on Molokai at the County park and we are also trying to secure another camping location
  • We have home stays, camping in the yard to sleeping on the couch

Transportation On Molokai

  • You are our VIP guests and so this is a complimentary service
  • We will transport you in the race vicinity at no cost
  • So we will transport you from harbor to accommodations, to race start for day 2, town runs, prize giving etc. All we ask is take care of the driver with a little something please.
  • We will also shuttle boards from the finish of the M2MC to Molokai Canoe Club for storage. We have security to watch over your gear.
  • We will also shuttle Boards to start line for M4M
  • We will also shuttle boards to Kamalo on Monday for rides back to Maui
  • We will also shuttle boards to Kaunakakai Harbor for YB and boat rides back to Oahu on the following Monday
  • Just take care of those doing the shuttling for you if you can please.:)