Molokai Holokai


Exhilarating beauty of paddling through our stunning collection of photographs captured during the renowned Molokai Holokai event. Our carefully curated gallery features a diverse range of images that capture the thrilling action, breathtaking scenery, and unwavering spirit of this world-renowned event. Immerse yourself in the passion of surfing and paddling as you browse our collection

The Early Days

We started in 2003 with the Maui to Molokai Challenge…..windsurfing which led to Outrigger canoes and Hobie Cats with kites and eventually SUP in 2008. 

We were also blessed with University of Hawaii giving the youth sports clinics as you can see in the posters


Molokai Holokai 2010

2010 marked a year with the Molokai Holokai. Although we did not do the crossing this year, it was the beginning for some of the youth on Molokai

The journey begins with the local kids

After having some amazing crossings before our local kids decided to do their own thing with the Molokai Holokai on Molokai hosted by the Molokai Ohana Surf Club


2011 marked the year for the Molokai kids to take to the channel with the Maui to Molokai race. Having seen young Zane cross in 2008 these kids were ready to go!


Well we never gave up with the concept of inspiring our Molokai youth but instead of competing with the other new Maui to Molokai, we decided to focus on a local event instead and work together with Maui.

2013 Pictures


Somewhere along the way, we lost pictures but still we are trying to tell a story of where we are today…

2015 pictures


2016 proved to be the year for us to go back to 2003 with the event’s purpose. As we embarked on this journey, we rediscovered the essence of Molokai Holokai…….

2016 PIctures


We begin to establish our purpose in 2017……and Zane one of your pioneer youth with windsurfing and the first to SUP in this event now becomes the first to SUP Foil

2017 pictures


2018 was another great year and now Zane who was one of our original kids in the early days with Windsurf and SUP blazes the trail with foil with his second year and the Kalama’s joining him!

2018 pictures

Our Molokai Youth

We cannot do this event with out thinking of our youth!

Molokai Youth Pictures


Now we are finally getting back on track with our original intention….Our ocean athletes are signing up and the kids are stoked…

2019 Pictures

More 2019 pics

Any one want to edit and decide on pics..? Just posting a whole bunch up here and easy to do!



No event for 2020 but for 2021, we did  virtual and in person with social distancing and working within our groups

2021 pictures both virtual and in the group social distancing pods



We are back for 2022


    ali Molokai Holokai 2022


2023 was a hit with both community and visitor



Glimpse into the Molokai Holokai
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